Friday, April 1, 2011

Not Sick Anymore! And Seven Weeks

Sorry I’m late with Thursday’s post; I went to lunch with coworkers so couldn’t write at lunchtime, and Thursday night is trivia, beer, and wings night at Wow Wingery (yes, I know; not the best nutrition choice, but it’s our once a week family outing), so there wasn’t a lot of writing and posting time.

But START boot camp on Thursday was AWESOME AS HECK.

(I wanted to use a stronger word than heck there. One that started with F. But I think I’m probably swearing too much for my audience, so I’m trying to back off. That isn’t to say the swearing will go away, but I’ll try to curb it and only use strong words if something is particularly emotional or if it would be really, really funny.)

I did go to the boot camp class at the gym with Ted on Wednesday night since I was feeling better and I had missed START on Wednesday morning. It was a good workout; the kind where you basically get as much as you give, so if you’re motivated to get a good workout, you will. I felt like I got quite a bit out of it.

Of course, I’m a bit biased toward START. There is just so much that I love about it. The camaraderie I’ve formed with all the “charter” Nashville members; the motivation of being led by people as awesome as Sgt. Ken, Amber, Candace, Debbie, and Jackie; the crazy energy in the studio; the encouragement we all give each other; I honestly can’t say enough good things about it. Words don’t do it justice.

So anyway, Thursday was probably my favorite day so far. Maybe it was because it felt so good to just not be sick anymore, or maybe it was because we did partner-assisted exercises and my partner, Sarah, was so great and so much fun to work with. Maybe it was because we did a lot of exercises we had done before, and I could see and feel so much improvement in myself from the last time. I don’t know; but it was a blast. Yes, it was a hard, grueling workout. Yes, many of the exercises hurt. Yes, it was exhausting. Yes, I am very very sore all over today. But somehow it was fun. And tonight I’m going to try to go to the gym to do a spin routine for about an hour, just because I want to.

Am I turning into one of those people who likes to work out? Dude. That’s weird.

One other quick subject before I sign off for this post. Thursday completed my seventh week of START Fitness. In those seven weeks, I have missed a total of four classes, which means I have done a total of 24 START boot camp sessions. That’s 24 times I’ve gotten out of bed at 4:30. 24 times I’ve driven into the city before most people’s morning alarm goes off and done an hour-long workout that is painful and draining. 24 times I have attempted to push my body to its absolute limits.

It’s also 24 times I’ve dedicated an hour to improving my health. 24 times I have built new muscle tissue. 24 times I have learned something new about what my body is capable of. 24 times I’ve had the opportunity to spend an hour with many incredible, fascinating, inspiring people.

Several weeks ago, I asked the question, “Is it worth it?”

The answer is yes.

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