Monday, April 11, 2011

Back in the Swing of Things

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been since Tuesday that I have written a blog post.

I had to miss boot camp on both Wednesday and Thursday, because my cough and chest pain were just too much for me to deal with. Breathing was painful, so it wasn’t possible to make it through a workout such as we do at START. I hated to miss, but it was necessary. I had to get my lungs clear before I could go back.

I was able to make up one class on Sunday. Sgt. Ken’s wife, Stephanie, led a special session on Sunday with a video team present to get some promotional footage. Let me tell you, she did not cut us any slack to make it look easier for the video. It was one of the toughest circuits we’ve done so far. After we were finished, I thought “Wow, I hope I don’t ever have to do that circuit again!”

So, of course, guess what we did on Monday morning?

It was the same circuit. It was not any easier the second time. Honestly, it was crazy hard. I truly have no idea how I keep doing this. The pain is intense; the exhaustion is overwhelming; the exercises cause all kinds of havoc in my body, from making me sob to making me pee on myself a little; but I keep going back for more.

My shoulders, arms, back, butt, and legs are screaming today. I’m trying to remind myself that the worse the pain, the better the results. And the way my butt feels today, it had better look AWESOME by bathing suit season. Also, I expect to easily survive the zombie apocalypse. If I get caught and overtaken by a zombie, man am I going to be pissed.


Lord Runolfr said...

You can do it because you're crazy awesome and have a will made out of steel.

Nena said...

Well, I know that the first seven words of your comment are unquestioningly true. :)

Thank you, love. You are pretty awesome yourself. <3

Gayle said...

aww, you two are soooo cute! Just wanted to say you LOOK FANTASTIC! I was staring at you behind my sunglasses Sunday morning - did you notice?? You just looked so pretty! Thanks again for coming Saturday night - the girls and I all appreciated your smiling faces, and thanks for bringing Julia too - we LOVE her!
You are crazy awesome Nena - keep kicking your own ass!!

Becky said...

Runolfr: It ain't just her will that's gonna be made out of steel, come beach season! ;)

Nena: So. Very. Proud. Of. You. Keep up the hard work, love; you're doing TERRIFIC, and I can't wait to see you next weekend and see the changes! BIG HUGS!!!

Nena said...

I love all you guys so much.

Gayle, it was worth both drives to Murfreesboro to see you and the twins! So glad I could be there for their birthday festivities.

Becky, thank you for all your love and encouragement! I can't wait to see you and the munchkin next weekend. I'll wear a tank top so you can check out the new guns. LOL!