Thursday, April 14, 2011

Still on an Upswing

It’s really amazing how I can go from one extreme to the other.

Today was another fantastic, butt-kicking boot camp. We did partner work today, and I got paired up with Darbi, who is one of the very fit Team Rio people. I have to say, being paired with Darbi pushed me hard, and I really feel like I got a great workout. It was really fun, too; she and I have both been with START fitness in Nashville from the first class, so we were familiar enough with each other to joke around and mess with each other a little bit.

I learned something very important today, too. When doing partner exercises where you control the level of difficulty for your partner, and you are finished with your set and in the “control” position, keep in mind that you may wind up doing a second set where they have the control again before trying to be funny and making it extra difficult for them. Payback can be a bitch…

I’ve been sore all week, but it’s been a very good, productive kind of sore. I know that I am really building muscle and starting to get strong. The next step is to really focus on my nutrition. I have not been paying attention to what I’m eating like I should, and that is what has stalled my weight loss. I’m going to make a point to get that on track, and we’ll see if that steps things up.

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Anonymous said...

HOOAH! That's why I wanted you with Darbi!