Thursday, April 21, 2011


Well, I must apologize for the lack of blog posts this week. I have been rather ill; nothing serious, it’s just that I never really let myself get over the crud that I had, and then I went camping over the weekend. In the springtime. In the cold. In the rain. So yeah. Stupid.

I made it to boot camp on Monday, and it was a fantastic workout led by Amber, Candace, Debbie, and Jackie. They did a great job and pushed us hard to our limits. My thighs were sore before the day was over, and I usually don’t feel soreness until at least 24 hours after a workout. It was awesome.

Then on Tuesday morning I just couldn’t make it. I was very congested and felt really puny; I made it to work, but I just would not have survived a workout. Workouts like we do in START Fitness require one to be able to breathe. With breathing itself being such a challenge what with fighting all the phlegm for the air to get into my lungs, it just didn’t seem like a wise choice. I went through nearly an entire box of tissues on Tuesday.

I was hoping that I’d feel better by Wednesday, but no. On Wednesday I was worse. I was too weak to get up and brush my teeth Wednesday morning; so I didn’t even make it in to work on that day. I stayed home, slept, drank fluids, did saline irrigations on my nose, and tried to kill whatever microbe it is in my body that is making me feel so horrible.

So here we are at Thursday. I’m better, but not well. I made it to work, but not to boot camp. I’m still coughing and nose-blowing, but it seems to be improving. I think that over the weekend I will be able to recover completely. I plan to be back on track with four boot camp days a week plus at least one weekend workout by Monday. I also intend to do a few sets of push-ups and maybe some other strength exercises before bed every night between now and then, because I’m really afraid of how much progress I’ve potentially lost. It’s so unfair that it takes so long to build strength, and so little time to lose it.

Also, you may have noticed some design changes in the blog. I decided to spruce it up a bit. I added my mini-goals and rewards to the sidebar, and I’ll update it as I reach each one. I’m three pounds from my first one. I am going to really buckle down on my nutrition, and hopefully get the fat loss really going. We’ll see.

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Jimmy O. said...

Nena- No worries about losing ground on strength and fitness. I think you will find that your muscle memory and overall fitness will still be very close to when you left. If you had continued and not listened to your body you may have worn yourself down too far to only miss one week. The good news is when you come back you will be healthy, fresh and rested. Often coming back from a hiatus I feel stronger my first day back. It's all good! Can't wait to see you next week. Hooah!