Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday is Nature's Way of Saying Screw You

So, after a few weeks of workouts that had me feeling like I was actually getting into shape and turning into one of those people who enjoy exercising...

Monday happens.

Remember the choking sobs I would get with some of the strenuous exercises when I first started START Fitness? It had been three or four weeks since I had experienced that. I was feeling pretty good. Then on Monday I got them again.

Try this: do a really, really hard workout that combines muscle failure sets (real muscle failure sets; don’t phone it in) with cardio intervals. Then, about thirty minutes into it, get down into push up position, and lower yourself about halfway down; hold that for a count of about four, then lower yourself to an inch off the ground. Now use your arms to push your body side to side. See if you don’t sob after two of these. We did four or five, or eight, I don’t know; I can’t count while weeping.

Other than those, Monday felt pretty good. It wore my ass out; but I felt like I finished strong. The things I can do now that I couldn’t even begin to do when I first started are just amazing. Diamond-grip push ups and divebombers come to mind. I couldn’t even begin to do one of either of these before. Now I am able to perform a halfway decent diamond-grip push up (from my knees), and almost do an actual divebomber. Neither are perfect yet; but they sure are a lot closer.

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