Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Code Amber

This morning, Sgt. Ken turned the recruits over to his Senior Instructor, Amber. I think she led the entire class time, but I can't be sure because I blacked out just a few minutes after the warm up.

(Normally I would just assume that all readers would know I'm kidding about that and move on, but since I've been told that some prospective recruits are reading this blog, I'll go ahead and clarify; I didn't really black out. I'm trying to be funny. Laughter dulls the pain.)

We did what Amber called "Accumulators" (I think that's what she called them; it's honestly a bit fuzzy, and that's actually not a joke...), which were patterns of exercises that built on each other (do set 1; do set 1 & set 2; do set 1, set 2, & set 3; etc. to 10 sets. Repeat). It was honestly tough from the very beginning, and it did not let up at all until the cool down. Every day up to today has been very tough; but I honestly think today was the most difficult so far, even though I was able to complete more of the workout than any previous days. My body very nearly stopped functioning near the end; but it actually felt really good. I felt like I accomplished an extraordinary workout; I felt like I honestly, no-fooling-myself pushed my body to its limits; I felt like it was worth it.

Why is it worth it? Why is it worth being pushed to tears one day, then pushed to puke a little the next?

Because after your body survives those two days, it responds to a killer workout like this morning with more strength and endurance than you've ever had before. And you feel REALLY DAMN GOOD.

If being pushed to tears and/or puke sounds like a bad thing to you, then you don't want the same thing I want. And that's okay; I only very recently started wanting it. Take a Jazzercise class. Start taking a 30 minute walk in the evenings. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work. There are lots of things you can do that will improve your health, and they are all better than nothing.

I don't want better than nothing. I want the best, most efficient way to improve my health, my strength, and my body. And that's what I'm getting.

(Yesterday I forgot to post my daily reason; so today I'll post two.)

Reason #6:
I love the feeling I get when I go to the doctor, they take my blood pressure, and immediately say, "You must be a runner!"

Reason #7:
If you're in good enough shape, you are never too old for tank tops, strapless cocktail dresses, or bikinis.

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Forever Amber said...

I love what you say about wanting more than just "better than nothing." SO TRUE!!! So many of us settle for better than nothing and think that's good enough. Your blog is inspiring. Please keep it up. You will touch people you don't even know. THAT makes it worth your time, your open vulnerability, and your effort. You rock girl!