Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Proud Parent

Today, Julia demonstrated to me that she is a stronger and more determined person than I ever was. She is awesome. After finding out that she didn't make the school volleyball team, she was understandably disappointed; but, rather than just be all discouraged all day and dwell on what didn't happen, she decided to get up, dust herself off, and try something else! She's going out for soccer in the morning!

I am so proud that I could burst. She is not letting the fear of another disappointment keep her from trying for another sport. I will admit, I would have been crippled by the fear of another failure when I was her age. She is showing that she is stronger and more confident than I was at 12, and that makes me so happy! I'm just so glad that she has such determination and perseverence. She is awesome.

I hope so much that she makes the soccer team. She will gain a lot of footwork skills and physical training from soccer, and if she decides that she still wants to do basketball later this year, soccer will be a great help.

*wiping tear*

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