Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One of Those Difficult Parenting Times

Well, Julia didn't make the volleyball team at school. We were so sure she was going to make it. She's tall, she had practiced, she was enthusiastic - but she didn't make the cut. She is so sad and disappointed, and my heart is breaking for her.

The hardest part is that I have to be here at work all day while she is at school. I just want to be with her to comfort her and let her know that I am proud of her no matter what.

I'm also really afraid that she is going to let this affect her self confidence for other sports. She was really looking forward to playing volleyball, and I'm afraid this has really deflated her. I really hope she bounces back and doesn't let this stop her from continuing to try.

It's probably bothering me more than it is bothering her at this point. I can't even concentrate on work. I hope so much that when I pick her up from school this afternoon that she will be in a good mood and ready to jump in and try something else (soccer, maybe).

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