Monday, August 4, 2008

Sticking With It

Yesterday (Sunday) I did Zumba and Yoga again. I love the Zumba; it's my favorite workout ever. Yoga I don't enjoy so much; but I can tell that it is good for me and will really enhance my strengh training, so I'll stick with it. It's just once a week (for now; I may add another later on).

I'm also making a change to my eating plan. I'm going to switch to the Weight Watchers Core plan today, and do that in conjunction with what my trainer has laid out for me. That will force me to make really nutritious, healthy choices, which is what I need with all the activity I'm adding lately. I'm really hoping to see some weight start dropping off soon.

Something not quite so happy that I noticed during yoga was just how freaking big I am. The group fitness room at UA is surrounded with mirrored walls, so I can see myself at every angle, and it really depressed me. I know that it's a long, slow process to lose weight, but I so wish that it could just go away immediately. I know that I'll be seeing results soon; but for right now, I'm very, very unhappy with how I look.

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Anonymous said...

Its okay honey. Mirrors are the Debil!