Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why I Love Boot Camp

Actual quotes from this morning's workout. I'm leaving names out.

"I feel like if I move, I'll poop my pants."

"I think she's just trying to make the blog."

"You should write, 'And then this one girl pooped her pants, and then yelled HOOAH!!'."

I love this group of people so much.

Today was running (so yeah, profanity ahead). It was around 35°F, so that was perfect for me. I was in a tee shirt and my compression tights. Jimmy was concerned that I would be cold. I told him that I turn into a furnace when I run. By the time we were out of the parking lot, I was wishing that I had worn something lighter. I could honestly heat a moderate sized home with what radiates from my body when I run.

So, remember that hill that made me think Shit? We ran that again today. Three fucking times. I didn't puke this time, I only retched a little. But for the love of all that is good and pure, that hill is the suck.

By the time we got to the field I was feeling better; it's generally flat and downhill from the top of hell to the field (which, of course, means that the run back is generally flat and uphill). The drills on the field were good; the sprints with squats at the end of each leg were tough, but I felt pretty strong right up to the end. The ladder drills (also known as suicides; not because they kill you, but because they make you long for the sweet release of death) turned my legs into lead. No, not lead; plutonium (it's heavier, for my non-geek friends). I honestly wasn't sure whether I was going to be able to get back to the studio. Of course, Amber knows what she's doing and I was able to make it back just fine.

As usual, I went through the whole spectrum of emotions regarding boot camp. From hating it when my alarm went off (I was dreaming about shopping, people; you just don't interrupt that), to being glad I was doing it during warm-up, to wishing I could just melt into the pavement and disappear forever during the hill, to feeling like I could conquer the world when I was through. Fortunately, the emotion that sticks is that last one.

Here's a clip of the dreaded Accumulator day. I'm the fat one. But not for long. :)


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha I was hoping that quote would make the blog although I'm sure it wasn't spoken originally with that thought in mind. And after reading the remainder of the quote, I realized the speaker of the quote must have missed the rest of the conversation as well...that person must have been genuinely concerned about the present issue :)

jordanmom said...

For a great poop-your-pants story, read my blog about my Half-Iron...oh, yeah, in the ocean, in my trisuit. And I've never run the Country Music Marathon without seeing someone pop a squat along the route! Embrace the poop - it's what makes you an athlete! I won't leave my salad suggestion on this post...

Nena said...

Okay, Jordanmom, I want to read your blog post, but I can't access your profile! Link? Please?

Also, "Embrace the poop - it's what makes you an athlete!" Is my new mantra.

Forever Amber said...

I love the Jordanmom's "embrace the poop . . . " quote!! Very nice!

Gayle said...

Hi guys -- sorry about that -- my blog is on wordpress.com so I think I'll just have to leave the link here:


the Half-Iron story is in May of 2009, and if I remember correctly, it's the only poop story I have written...