Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feeling Back on Track

Today was a good day. I stayed completely on-plan food-wise, and I had a really great strength training workout at the gym with Brittnee. If I can keep this momentum, I'll be on my way to actually shedding some poundage and getting some shape to my body.

I've also started the Ninjutsu class at the gym. It's only once a week, but it's a three hour class. I think I'm going to like it a lot. It is way different from Wado Ryu, which is the martial art I took years ago, so no muscle memory will benefit me. In fact, the old musle memory is getting in the way, and making it harder to catch on. But I love martial arts, and man, talk about something that will whip you into shape! The last time I was anywhere near my goal weight was when I was regularly practicing Wado.

Tonight is just a short post to let any readers know that I haven't fallen off the wagon. In fact, I'm holding the reins!

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