Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back in Action

I was back at boot camp this morning. And let me tell you, this morning was tough.

First thing today was heading upstairs for warm-up and calisthenics. We did a large amount of high-steps, sprinting, jump-rope drill, push-ups, squats, lunges, mountain climbers, burpees…more push-ups…I’m tired just remembering it. You could have choreographed a Gene Kelley musical number with the sweat that dripped off me. I had to warn people walking out behind me so they wouldn’t slip.

That was the first half of class. Then we headed downstairs for Amber’s skillfully crafted circuit. Four-minute stations consisting of planks with cone taps, bear crawl/crab walk laps, push-the-wheel, tire quick-steps, and partner squats with a gurney. If you don’t know what any of those are, you are a fortunate person indeed.

Today I kept Sgt. Ken amused with the pitiful noises I wound up making near the end of the upstairs portion of class. I felt like I was close to full-body muscle failure. It was painful and difficult and grueling, but now that it’s over, it feels great.

I love boot camp. I really do. I love the sweat, the pain, the exhaustion, the camaraderie, the structure, the frivolity, the health and strength benefits. But I have to tell you, getting up at 4:30 in the morning is not getting any easier. I don’t envision myself giving up on boot camp, but if anything ever makes me snap and quit, it will be the early mornings. I really, really have a hard time with it. I’ve tried going to bed earlier; it doesn’t help. There was one evening that I was really tired and went to bed at 6:00, and I still didn’t want to get up at 4:30 (even though that was ten and a half hours of sleep!). It’s not the amount of sleep, apparently; it’s the early hour of the morning. My body just isn’t wired for it. I’m able to push through and make myself do it, most of the time. I wonder if it’s ever going to get better? Probably not.


Forever Amber said...

Nena - it can get easier believe it or not. Look at your nutrition. Are you keeping that food journal? If you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep the 4:30 hour can become easier IF you're using the fuel your body needs. Would you believe that I wake up at 3:30 on boot camp mornings WITHOUT an alarm? I'm in bed typically between 9:00 - 9:30 most nights.

Nena said...

Amber, I hope you're right. I have been keeping my food journal, but I didn't keep it over the holiday weekend. That wasn't intentional, I just stayed busy and never seemed to have it with me. I am back on it today.

I'm actually hoping that over time, the elimination of alcohol will help. I know that I sleep better when I haven't had alcohol (sure, it helps me relax and fall asleep, but I don't get into a good, deep sleep, and I wake up a lot). So maybe that plus improving my diet will help.

I just can't see it ever being easy, though. :P