Saturday, January 10, 2009

Six. Miles.

Today I ran six miles.

That felt really good to type. I'm going to type it again.

Today. I. ran. six. miles.

That's almost 10 K for those who use the metric system.

It was not long ago that six miles would have exploded my internal organs.

The most amazing thing about the six miles that I did today is that I had a perfect opportunity to skip the run out of frustration. I was supposed to do six miles in a group run with Team in Training; but I had deleted the directions for how to get there from my email. It was a route that we had done once before, so I thought that maybe I could find it from memory; but I couldn't. I drove aimlessly until 7:00, when the run actually started, then headed back toward home.

My intention was to stop at the gym on the way home to do a six-mile hill program on the treadmill. When I got to the gym, the parking lot was empty. They didn't open for another hour.


The old Nena would have gone home and made a mimosa.

I decided to run the greenway. The trail segment that was convenient to where I was is a three mile trail; out and back is six miles. Perfect. It's hilly, but I could walk when needed. It looked like rain, but heck, it might be raining on race day.

So I ran the three miles out and three miles back on the greenway. There was walking involved; but I ran a very respectable amount. I even did a little surge up some of the gentler hills to get a little spike in the heart rate.

Now I'm going to go take a much needed shower. Then I have laundry to do. w00t.

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