Monday, January 3, 2011

Promises and Confessions

I keep promising to update this blog more regularly. I never do. So I'm not making any promises this time. Maybe that will make me update more regularly.

Anyway, I've still been running with Ted; we're averaging 1.75 to 2.0 miles each run. Ted tends to run the whole way to his cool-down walk, while I run much slower and take a walk break in the middle. I usually catch up to him during his cool down, though, so my time winds up being similar to his.

Even though I've been running, I've still been gaining weight. It's because I really enjoy food. Also alcohol. I tend to eat a lot when I have someone to share good foodie-type food with, and I enjoy good wine, beer, and spirits when I have someone else who appreciates them; and Ted fits that bill to a tee. So I have to make some changes.

I am currently 20 pounds heavier than I was when I first started dating Ted. Yes. Twenty pounds. That has to be corrected, and then some, because I wasn't at goal when we started dating.

So, I'm going to start counting my nutrients again: calories, fat, carbs, fiber, and protein. I have a good program (Sparkpeople) that gives me healthy goals for those nutrients. I know that I will not meet my goals every day; but I will be trying and striving toward them, and that will at least be steps in the right direction.

Now for the fun part: the rewards I have promised myself for each weight loss goal reached. Here is where the confession part comes in. I am heavy. According to those who know my weight, I am heavier than I look. I am about to confess my actual weight here. But this will not be my actual weight for long.

Current: 195
My BMI is currently rated as obese. The very bottom of obese, but obese nonetheless. This cannot stand.

Goal 1: 180
This weight is no longer in the "obese" BMI category for my height. For reaching this goal, I will give myself an industrial ear piercing. See photo.

Goal 2: 170
This weight puts me at the bottom of the "overweight" BMI category. I will be close to a normal weight. For this achievement, I will give myself a tiny black heart tattoo, just below and behind my ear. It will be easily coverable with hair if I need it concealed; but as long as my job permits it, I can let it be seen with my short haircut.

Goal 3: 160
At this weight, I am one single pound from the "normal" category. I think that deserves the Monroe piercing I've wanted for so long (yes, I'm picking up on the self-mutilation theme here; these are all things I really want, though, so they do indeed qualify as rewards).

Goal 4: 150
Here, I will be right in the middle of normal weight. If this is the final goal I reach, then I will be happy. My reward for this goal will be a very nice, professional photo shoot. I haven't had my picture taken by a professional photographer in years.

Final, end-all goal: 145
If I ever reach this goal, I am going to go out with my beloved daughter and my best friend and I am going to try on wedding dresses. No, I don't expect to be engaged. But I have been married twice, and I have never worn a wedding dress. So I'm going to go put some on and see how freaking gorgeous I am in them. J and S can take photos for me, and I'll post them here.

The future will tell how many of these I reach. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, also, comments, encouragement, jokes, and criticism are welcome here. Let me know you're reading, people!

Updated: I almost forgot. If I am at 169 (officially in the "normal" BMI weight range) by December, I will be asking my loved ones for gift certificates from Orchard Corset.


Trea said...

You can do it, Nena! I will cheer you on from 195 all the way to 145. I'm here to encourage, browbeat, cheer, commiserate, and LOVE YOU!

mitsya de los marsupials said...

LOVE the rewards, chica, particularly the monroe & the wedding dresses. j should video the trip a la say yes to the dress. or, more likely, a la mst3k.

Gayle said...

Sweet sister --
I so admire your commitment to your health! I love the rewards idea too!

You might read Greta Christina's blog on her weight-loss plan ( - she advocates all of the right things -- journaling everything eaten, exercising every day, etc.

We're all pulling for you!


Nena said...

I have the best friends ever. Thank you for the encouragement!