Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Best Day Ever

Yesterday was Labor Day here in the United States. It's a day that we get to take off from work to celebrate work. Apparently. I don't know; I just know it's the holiday for all the end-of-summer barbecues and swimming parties. It's a nice little holiday to fit in there between Independence Day and Thanksgiving (wow - two other strictly American holidays).

Anyway, Julia and I were planning to grill some steaks and have a nice little just-the-two-of-us patio party. Now, we like to eat steaks for dinner, not for lunch, so we decided to grab our cameras and take a drive into town to see if we could get any cool photos. We're both trying to get better at photography, and it was a beautiful day to go out and get some practice. Neither of us have taken any lessons; we just enjoy it (we'd both like to take classes someday).

Our first stop was the farmers' market. There were so many opportunities to get really cool photos there! Here are a few of Julia's best ones:

And here are some of mine that I liked:

We were going to eat lunch at the Greek restaraunt at the farmers' market, but they were closed (Labor Day - duh), so we drove uptown to have lunch at a chain restaraunt on the main strip. Our waiter looked like Will Ferrell and juggled for us after bringing us our food. Yes, that was as odd as it sounds.

After lunch, we drove back downdown and parked by the art museum. The plan was to walk up and down the street a bit, getting some nice architectrual photos, then go to the museum for a while.

We were both kind of fixated on the old Union Station building, so we both took several photos of that. Here are some of Julia's:

And some of mine:

Then we went to the museum and stayed until it was closing time and they kicked us out.

By the time we got home, we were both way too tired to grill, so we grabbed something simple and got ready for bed. Julia thanked me several times for spending the day with her and doing such fun stuff.

I thanked her for spending the day with me and for being the greatest kid on the planet.

Best. Day. Ever.


Aimee said...

That sounds like a GREAT day! You two are the coolest mom/daughter duo that I know! ;)

Anonymous said...

I see some very interesting veggie photos there. Fodder for my book.