Sunday, July 27, 2008

Detour - but a good one

Okay, so it looks like I'm not going to be able to motivate myself to stick to a running program; however, I have not given up.

I have joined the Urban Active gym near my home and I have purchased 100 personal training sessions. This was not cheap, but it was worth it. My trainer, Brittany, will make appointments with me and guide me through customized workouts that will 1) rehabilitate my knees to prevent running injury 2) strengthen my muscles to releive running pain and 3) keep me motivated and accountable. The sessions are also geared to helping me lose my last 50 pounds quickly and healthily. A nutrition guide is included and everything.

Right now, my biggest problem is that my patellafemoral pain syndrome (fancy name for excruciating knee pain) is getting worse with the pounding of the pavement. This is not a condition that one can just "tough out." It actually gets worse and eventually cripples you if you don't do the right things. So, I'm working with a professional to make sure my running makes me stronger instead of wearing me down.

My first appointment with Brittnee is Tuesday, but I went to the gym today and did one hour of Zumba and one hour of yoga. According to my HRM, I burned 800 calories. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I'm excited about working with Brittnee. She is a former college NCAA basketball player, so I am sharing some of my sessions with Julia so Brittany can give her some basketball training. If nothing else, that makes the cost of the personal trainer totally worth it (there's no way I could get a personal sports trainer for what I'm paying the gym!).

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