Monday, April 15, 2013

Quinoa With Sweet Potatoes, Chick Peas, Kale, et al. Recipe to Die For.

So, tonight I made a crazy awesome dinner that was super duper packed with all kinds of crazy nutrients and yumminess. This was something I came up with on my own, while daydreaming at work, so I'm posting the recipe and how I did it, not only for your benefit, but also so I can come back to this and recreate it.

Quinoa With Sweet Potatoes, Chick Peas, Kale, et al.

Ingredients, in no logical order:

Quinoa (I used a half cup dry tonight because it's what I had, but I would probably double that)
Vegetable broth (twice as much as your amount of quinoa)
1 sweet potato
1 onion, diced
2 cloves garlic
1 can chickpeas (the original intent was to use black beans, though, and I think that would be marvelous)
A few handfuls of chopped kale
Handful of cilantro
Chipotle chile powder
Olive oil
Farm-fresh eggs (1 per serving)


Dice sweet potato into small cubes. Put into bowl and toss with olive oil , some salt, and a generous amount of chipotle chile powder. Heat a small amount of olive oil in a pan and sautee on medium-high until crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.

While the potato is cooking, sautee the onion and kale in oil with a little salt until the onion is soft and the kale is bright green. Add chopped garlic and a bit more chipotle powder. Cook until garlic is fragrant and add quinoa and vegetable broth. Cover and cook until quinoa is done (when you can see the little curly-q thingies it releases).

When potatoes are almost done, pour in a splash of broth and add chick peas (or black beans). Cook until heated through. Toss together with onion, kale, and quinoa mixture and keep warm.

Fry one egg per serving in olive oil. I like the yolks a little runny, but cook to your own preference. Salt and pepper the egg as it cooks.

Put the quinoa mixture into serving bowls and place an egg on top. Sprinkle liberally with chopped fresh cilantro and serve.


gayle Jordan said...

This sounds delish! Was it as good as it looked?

Nena said...

Yes, Gayle! It was so tasty. I can't wait until lunch tomorrow to have leftovers! :)

Lord Runolfr said...

Having been privileged to have a share, I can say without a doubt that it was magnificent!