Monday, February 13, 2012

Pin-up Party

My friend and coworker Megan sent me an email a couple of weeks ago inviting me to go with her to Bettina May's Pinup Class. I was apprehensive at first, because Megan is what is commonly referred to as "DROP DEAD FREAKING GORGEOUS," and I don't really quite measure up to her. But she is also fun, smart, funny, and awesome, so I figured it will be a great time, and I don't have to show anyone the photos when we're done, so why not have a fun girls' day out?

My greatest concern, of course, was my body. Also of concern, and almost as grave, was my hair. My hair is not long; it does not fall in beautiful waves; it is not even symmetrical. Pinup hair is all the things mine isn't. 

Pinup hair:

My hair:
So naturally I was curious as to how they were going to style it.

But I went. Ted and I went shopping and he picked out a lovely dress for me; I bought body-shaping pantyhose and high heels with a bow on the toe, and waited for the big day.

It was awesome. Bettina told us some about pinup style and history, and taught us how to do makeup and hair. She and her assistant set our hair in hot rollers (though the preferred pinup method, if you have time, is to do an overnight wet-to-dry set), and we did our own makeup and put on our outfits. Then they styled our hair (they did an amazing job with mine!), and we did the photoshoots. They really did make us feel beautiful. And every woman there was beautiful. And it was an awesome experience that we all deserved. We were all in front of the camera feeling like:

Then when all the excitement began to settle down, and Bettina handed me the cd with my photos on it, I began to fear that I had actually looked like:

I was afraid that I would get home, look at the photos, and sob uncontrollably for the rest of the evening.

But what I actually wound up looking like was this:

So not so bad. I'm glad I went.

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Rockin' Robin said...

And I am SO glad you did and I did too!! I had ALL the same apprehension as you along with "I have no one to show these to, so what's the point drama" AND I worried the entire 4.5 hours home that I'd look horrible. But they ALL turned out great!!!! You are BEAUTIFUL....short hair and all!!!!