Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Still Here, Still Running.

So, after the half marathon, my first thought (after the adrenaline subsided, and then the pain started to die down) was, "What now?"

Well, I took two weeks off from running; I continued with strength training and did spinning class, but no running. By the end of the first week, I was itching to run again.

So today I did my first run after the race. It felt great; I set out to do three miles. My plan was to go to the greenway, run a mile and a half out, and a mile and a half back; but, when I got about two-tenths of a mile past the .75 mile marker, there was caution tape across the path, and when I looked past it, I saw that the remainder of the greenway was basically a lake. That is because it has rained for 31 of the last 30 days here.

Okay; my math might be a little off. But it has rained a lot. I don't remember when I moved to Seattle; but apparently, that is where I am.

(Because, you see, it rains a lot in Seattle. For those of you not familiar with US weather patterns.)

So, I ended up turning around at the trailhead and just doing the .75 mile out-and-back twice. Which, according to my calculations, is three miles (.75 X 4 = 3, right?).

It felt really good to be back out on a trail. I really enjoyed the run, and I feel really good now that I've done it.

I'm going to start training soon for my next half. I have the running bug, and I don't want the antidote...

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Aimee said...

I'm taking a little slower to the running bug, but I think I have it, too! I still can't do much at a time, but I guess it will accumulate. I'll send you the tamale recipe on fb! :)