Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If This Was One of You Wonderful Readers, THANK YOU!!

I just got a very generous donation today on my Team in Training page, but I don't recognize the name.

If it was one of you peeps who read me here, THANK YOU!!

I'd love to know who you are. If you want to remain anonymous here, you can email me at pinkvelvetribbon@gmail.com.

I really appreciate it, whoever you are.

Oh, and if I should recognize the name, please forgive me - I'm terrible with names until they are beaten into me.

*sniffle* I needed an act of kindness today. That was a wonderful surprise. You totally, totally rock.



Anonymous said...

I saw your mention of TNT on a We Wa board and I am a big fan of TNT. Good luck getting to your requirement.

Nena said...

Well, I can't thank you enough. Really. Thank you.