Saturday, March 29, 2008

Full Circle

Tonight, I feel both very old and very cool. I watched the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards with my sweet daughter, Julia. They had a big deal about the "world record sliming" that they were going to do at the end of the show. I told Julia that I was watching Nickelodeon back when the show that started the whole sliming thing was on. It was my favorite show; it was called "You Can’t Do That on Television."
I can’t believe I am old enough to be watching TV with my eleven year old daughter; not to mention being old enough to have "back when I was your age..." stories. Somewhere in my brain is a 22 year old, pre-childbearing, partying college girl who is saying "what the heck happened??? When did I start driving a family car??"
Julia sometimes doesn’t want to admit it, but I think that she thinks I’m pretty cool. As long as I don’t try to dance in front of her friends. It’s good to have a kid that likes me. Most kids love their parents; but it’s not as common for kids to like their parents. Julia seems to like me as well as love me, and that is a real blessing. I like her, too!

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